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Each year major global economies the US, EU, Japan, Russia, Germany and China gathers together African heads of government to their various countries for ‘economic summits’. During these jamborees a lot of courting and arm twisting takes place in an all-out scramble for a piece of the African market of 1.3 billion populations. Our firm offers genuine alternatives to businesses seeking to leverage the African opportunity.

Our firm targets companies and manufacturers who are intent on growing through the opportunities that are available in Africa, we help them plan a long term strategy that will help them leverage the African population through tailored approach carefully planned and timed entry into the African market. Those looking to leverage the opportunities offered by the Turkish manufacturing industry we offer up to the minute guidance on sourcing, purchasing and export of high quality products from Turkey to the world.

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We’ve always believed in selling the highest quality products possible. It’s our goal to make Africa better and contribute to her development through the sale of the highest quality products possible at the best price without having to compromise on the the health and well-being of the continent and this has given us a name that is trusted in the market.

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Our team of experts are always at your service waiting to help and guide businesses wishing to get into the African market, all you have to do is email or call us today and.

How do I find a market in Africa for my business?

Most times many businesses wants to go into the African market but are lost in the process of trying to find a reliable link to their desired market. Our company has helped countless manufacturers and suppliers get the right  distributor for their products. You too can get a share of the African market all you need to do is email us or call us today and we shall schedule a presentation for your management and sales team and show you how.

How do I find the right manufacturer in Turkey

We have accumulated experience over the years and we know the manufacturing sector inside out in Turkey from Istanbul the center of trade to the 81 cities and provinces we have the contacts and can find the right products, producers and suppliers at the shortest notice.

How do I protect my product in faraway Africa

80% of products which gets into Africa will be hijacked by Chinese and local pirates and most often than not the manufacturers of there products never gets to hear from the distributors again. In most cases these products are still been sold long after the manufacturer has lost contact with the distributor. Reason is because these products are adulterated and produced in local factories and in China using the original label and to avoid this you our expertise. Talk to our expert team today.

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