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Our story began years ago. Back then we were trading in textiles from the popular Istanbul fashion district of Fatih to mainly retail stores in Nigeria and West Africa. Today, we are privileged to connect with millions of customers with exceptional made in Turkey products direct from manufacturers to distributors through hundreds of outlets.


Ikenga literal means “strength” among the Igbo people the most industrious people in Africa found in Eastern Nigeria. Ikenga is one of the most powerful symbols of the Igbo people and the most common cultural artefact. Ikenga is grounded in the belief that the power to accomplish things is in one’s right hand. It also governs over industry, farming, and blacksmithing. Our logo is  derived from the Ikenga artefact and represents strength, industry and trade.

Cooperative Board of Directors Ercan KARAKAYA

Our mission

To represent quality in every product we sell.

We’ve always believed in selling the highest quality products possible. It’s our goal for all of our products to be made under the highest standards of quality using ethical sourcing practices. We constantly visit with our manufacturers and interact with the workforce in a bid to ensure the right spirit because we believe that every product has a story – It’s either that of satisfaction or of frustration and this begins with those who work at the plant.


We set out to realize the enormous opportunity that is in Africa by leveraging the African Continental Free Trade Agreement (ACFTA) among 54 African nations the largest in the world with a market base of 1.3 billion populations covering all sectors. Our firm has been a focal point of reference for business partnerships with Africa. We are the name that comes to mind when business with Africa is mentioned. We have been promoting bilateral trade, business opportunities, import and export to the African continent since inception.

We started with a vision, to bridge the huge gap between manufacturers and importers in Africa. We believe that this gap is responsible for the sale of substandard products from Asia to Africa and that with proper distribution channel quality products can be sold all across Africa and with a great bargain.

  • – Act as manufacturers representatives
  • – Act as buyers representatives
  • – We know international trade
  • – We always look for long term business relationship

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